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Orbee-Tuff COSMOS



5 out of 5 Chompers

With Planet Dog COSMOS the sky’s the limit! SOL is orange like the sun and is a great option for larger dogs. LUNA, representing the moon and glows in the dark. RINGO is a cosmic ball with a Saturn-like ring for some other-worldly bounce. LUNEE is a crater shaped ball perfect for smaller dogs. Each has a Treat Spot™ for hiding healthy treats.

Our universe of doggie-durable, buoyant and minty planetary orbs are out of this world. . . but made in the USA. And like all of Planet Dog's Orbee-Tuff® toys, SOL, LUNA, RINGO and LUNEE are doggie durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed.

  • Sol: 5"
  • Luna: 4"
  • Ringo: 3"
  • Lil' Dipper: 2.7" - 4 out of 5 chomper
  • Lunee: 2.25"


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